Christophe Jacomme is a specialist in the implementation of zoning, management of databases, and AutoCAD. He has a unique experience in the field, which he must as his task transfer, by his presence, even through training, to your own teams.

The tasks entrusted to me are varied: put plans in accordance with the charter of the company, making transfer engineering, occupancy monitoring…

Thanks to our position outside companies, we see multiple projects and we can consider many solutions and opportunities that a single isolated client cannot think of. We have a good insight and many examples to argue: it is only acquired by experience.

Contribute to risk reduction

We face on a daily basis what can be represented in an organization as resistance to change. Indeed, any transfer project involves a change of mentality, the scope of work, and sometimes the reorganization of everyday life. This moment, the transfer project represents for any company, regardless of the quality of its social climate, a time when many risks are concentrated. Logistics, physical and financial risks, but also human risks. Our job is also to contribute to the reduction of these risks in order to secure the operation.

We provide to our customers in the field of engineering transfers the guarantee of success of the operation, its effectiveness, risk reduction … This is essential, because we know what to do or not to do in order to complete a project. An isolated client cannot have for himself such a guarantee.

Perceived comfort, real comfort… : know how to judge

Our experience allows us to distinguish, speaking of comfort, perceived comfort and real comfort. Multiple factors involved. But, for example, sometimes we make disproportionate efforts to lower a few decibels of ambient sound, without it being really perceived by users. You must know how to judge where to put efforts to increase the capital concept that is perceived comfort.

We really allow our customers to avoid making mistakes. We handle many different situations, and are in such a state of permanent alertness, that our presence at the customer’s side is a real security.

Our technical expertise is unique, and we really it put at the service of our customers. To the point of, if necessary, transmitting the best of our knowledge, to improve their own effectiveness.

A unique Autocad training
We have acquired over time a solid Autocad experience, on which few people are actually trained, or only for pure architecture, not for space management. Often people learn its use rather empirically. Our contribution is multiple and really makes a difference: improving and streamlining of databases, process automation. Updating plans is changing the way we work with the customer. The improvement of plans also allows better internal billing, when it exists.