Olivier01 Olivier Pleau, assistance and delegation of project management specialist, truly represents his clients on the field, at the heart of development projects. Professional sharp and demanding, he is above all passionate about the interests of the client, who he assists and sustains somewhat to the best of his project and its interests.

Assistance to project management, it is an absolutely fascinating job. We are the eyes and ears of the client, on the field. We must understand how he works, what he wants, and what he would decide in a particular situation. We must ultimately be able to make decisions for him without consulting him constantly. If we were to spend as much time questioning him as he would have spent himself by being on the field, we would be of no use!
We establish a relationship of trust, in which a detailed understanding of the psychology, the project and the desires of our customers, is an indispensable asset.

There are so many things to anticipate, technical problems that may arise, difficulties in managing simple and effective schedules, that today the owner cannot know everything himself. As for the prime contractor, it works too often … for himself.

Skills in an exceptional area

We are therefore more the representatives of the owner than his assistants. We intervene in a variety of fields, doing technical and architectural choices, price negotiations, ensuring compliance with specifications. The skills of project management are often absent in business. The facility manager is responsible for the daily tasks. He is not necessarily proficient in this exceptional area that is the acquisition and implementation of a new workspace.

Project management assistance is a profession of attention, expertise and alert: “careful it will get jammed”, or otherwise “there, we’re good.”This of course assumes a presence on site and a very important investment in time.

We are a company that moves files. That pushes to efficiency. We do not work for us, but for a client. We are present, attentive, and efficient, at the service of our client.
At the earliest stage possible

Of course, my job is easier when all upstream missions are well done. The customer always wins to call us from the audit, space planning, in brief to contact us as early as possible.

A solid experience

We can intervene in many headings and sub-headings such as project management, project management assistance, organization and management of construction, project planning … We’re dealing with very diverse partners like the facilities manager, the CEO, the head of real estate, or even other department heads. We help them deploy real priorities. We are able to do things they would have not been able to achieve alone. This does not just happen, but it is acquired by experience, a solid experience, in difficult jobs, and this is the real wealth of CACD.