CACD offers the widest range of skills in the market, relying on seasoned professionals with experience in the field, and most of the time, through work with the customer.


E Experts and communicators, we are dedicated to your project and bring you every step of careful listening and personal monitoring.

The audit consists of the issuance of the expertise of a CACD project team on the functional organization of a company, site or real estate, resulting in a picture of the organization and an objective recommendation on deficiencies, targeted objectives in terms of organization and methods to implement to achieve them.
The functional and / or technical audit is an improvement tool because it helps to review the existing (state of affairs) in orders to identify weak and / or non-compliant areas and take the necessary actions to their improvement.
The programming consists of formalizing the needs and objectives of the project management to conduct a more accurate and productive project possible.
The CACD team in charge of the missions captures the projects in their entirety to be able to establish the construction schedule, the detailed targeted objectives and budget scenarios before launching the project.

The program manager summarizes the objectives, the functional and technical feasibility, the planning, and the budgeting of a project, offers various ways of implementation and can according to the projects, direct a good cohesion between the persons in charge of the project in compliance with the planning / budget.

The space planning is the organization of space, with the drawing of plans being the ultimate purpose. In the context of space planning missions, the CACD teams, through interviews with users, apprehend in detail the work organizations of the employees to provide an optimal functional organization considering both the requests / constraints of the employees and the instructions given by the project management.

The architectural design is about the matching between spaces with the visual identity of a company, a brand or a client’s brief. CACD’s architects, as part of these missions, provide biased architectural interior aimed partly to ensure real osmosis between users and their work environment, secondly to give a unique identity to the premises without complicating the technical operations, and finally to help the project teams to “sell and promote” their internal project to potential visitors.

The architectural design must be smart and clever not to be synonymous with budget overruns, the CACD teams work closely with the project teams and the technicians to provide concepts beautiful, financially viable and technically intelligent.

The support needed by project manager for a project may take the form of project management assistance (AMO). The CACD teams are responsible, on behalf of the Project management, to assist in the conduct of their project, guide them, represent and alert them.
The decision to use CACD as AMO may originate from a lack of skills in a specific area, a functional need for skill or simply a general policy of the project management in driving real estate projects and / or in the management of resources which consists in providing a secure support for his project.

It is important to note that the Project Management remains responsible for the project, it is thus important to dispose of experienced multidisciplinary skills, or not to hesitate to be accompanied by an AMO.

CACD is requested by a client’s project manager, to design technical projects, and direct the implementation in its entirety, from consulting firms to carrying out the work.
The project management teams (PMT) are in most cases composed of several profiles allowing to, under the control of a project manager, cross skills in architecture, BET, engineering, economics and technical management.

Depending on the project and the client’s expectations, missions include or not the OPC service (site organization and daily corporate management). Sometimes CACD retains the burden of Project management and directs the provision of the OPC service to another designated by the customer.

As part of its IT missions, CACD supports the programming, planning, budgeting and operational conduct of business transfers. The team CACD investigates the technical and organizational constraints of all departments or entities involved in the transfer, so as to provide a smooth and efficient logistics.
It is important to distinguish between the “technical transfer” and the “coordination of a move.” Coordination is “monitoring the field mover” only, while technical transfers assume an extended transfer project steering, namely:

  • Animation of User meetings and cleaning operations days
  • Launch of consultation and analysis service
  • Conducting meetings and technical management of providers: Computer Deco-reco, moving, cleaning, brokerage, emptying
In the projects, CACD, as a mission in itself, provides change support to services or entities affected by the modifications in the work methods and environments.
The CACD team provides a structured and methodical support for change through the steps of:

  • identification of needs
  • knowledge of the populations concerned and their degree of acceptance of the project;
  • choice of communication tools and response to the resistance;
  • planning stages of communication and users meeting.
CACD offers its customers a skills transfer as specific training. These courses enable our customers to be more efficient on specific topics and give at the end a more effective partnership work between the daily operational teams of our clients and the heads of CACD projects.

Topics may be more or less depending on the technical requirements of customer teams, for example: Autocad training, training in complex planning, optimization tools in AutoCAD projects transfer “general services” and management training of providers…

In all cases, CACD has heart to help you improve your internal operations, taking into account your human, technical and organizational realities.