Working environments are experiencing a complete revolution : workspace digitalization, modular spaces, flexible seating… All these evolutions drive changes in the way people work, both at an individual and at a collective level.

Last to come in these innovations deployed in Israel, exclusively for CACD : the e-bulle (in French meaning e-bubble). This ultra-connected “room for one person only” enables workers, nomad workers or visitors to immerge themselves in a high added-value workspaces.

This e-bulle is equipped with a tactile High Definition 23′ screen, a full set of connectors for laptops and of a sound+video set up enabling video conferencing in optimal conditions. Its high quality sitting and adapted venting system let its users enjoy long working sessions in an environment totally isolated from distractions.

This e-bulle, produced by LEET Design, in France, is meant to be installed in open spaces, walking areas, co-working spaces, or cultural areas.

The e-bulle is eagerly awaited by numerous new tech companies operating in Israel, now commonly described as the « Start-Up Nation ».