The company told CACD an ambitious project to transform a technical basement, consisting mainly of clean rooms, in offices, library and gym. All, to add to the challenge, with a requirement for high quality and design. A challenge brilliantly taken up by CACD.

The transformation carried out, as it can be seen on the images, is very impressive. Needless to quote again on creativity, technical expertise and rapid action teams CACD, as they are recognized by all the profession.
What interests us in this case, it is not only the ability to design innovative spaces, adapted, fine, up to the customer requirements, but also the capacity, project management support, to actually get what you want.

It should be understood that a company in charge of the work will not necessarily push complexity. In other words, if it manages ordinary than ordinary levels, the exceptional can be scary.

Ask the right questions


The spaces of conviviality design require not only a perfect technique and architectural mastery, but also a good knowledge of the human being, to allow natural interactions involved in team cohesion.

The project leaders CACD are selected from the most seasoned professionals. They often held several jobs, including achievement. They have extensive experience both in agency than the client. They know what we can do and what we cannot do. When they have delegated contracting authority, without putting in place of the company responsible for the implementation, they are able to speak on behalf of their clients, ask every time he takes the right questions to guide further work on the technical, budgetary, regulatory, and compliance schedule in the right direction.

Groupama was able to build on this expertise to achieve in the basement, a priori planned location for the thing, living high-tech sport, men and women locker rooms that can accommodate over 100 people, quality office and library, creating a framework for premium work and extremely functional. All with a peace of mind, CACD ensuring compliance with technical and regulatory constraints, and can even help in the selection of business, control and monitoring, including additional work in compliance with the plans, all until final acceptance certified desires of the customer. An illustration of what most CACD teams combine all their statements, technical mastery and respect for the client and creative project.