All projects are exciting, but some are simply exceptional. What we might call the “metamorphosis” of Etam lingerie part. Story of something unusual.

In itself, the story begins in a conventional manner. The new direction of Etam Lingerie newly arrived notes that the department is no longer comfortable in its premises. Circulations are complicated exchanges between teams difficult.


It must therefore remodel 1500 square meters of office space, as the arrangement has not aged well, and no longer meets the standards, thus seems to be a hindrance to productivity. Indeed, the department is two times less efficient than others whose missions are similar. There is urgency.

But there is no question on the project six months normally required to carry out. He will settle for a summer, and even in August.
Knowing that everyone is not on vacation, he will have to work in occupied premises, at a time of year when different providers are mostly closed. Do not panic, Etam lingerie interlocutor need, with whom she has worked: CACD.

Professionalism and commitment

Specifications seems almost improbable transform an entire floor where 140 people work in 31 calendar days, and no more, knowing that lack important information such as technical data of power systems or air conditioning. In front of such a project can be measured professionalism and commitment of teams CACD.

Audit, implementation study, analysis of trades and interactions between teams, achieving missing technical, installation of temporary offices, down walls, cleaning, new walls, new electrical wiring and air conditioning, choice and control of an professional furniture suitable for business is tailored in record time, finishing work, installation, communication with teams, nothing has failed in this exceptional project by its planning but made with the same quality in all areas s there had been six months to complete!

preview-5111 Two points are essential, in addition to the recognized and quality teams CACD expertise to explain this success. The first is the presence of a single contact. CACD does not drown its clients in unnecessary and time-consuming interactions with multiple partners. She devotes rather a single project, which quickly integrates with the very life of the company, seized the best operation, the spirit, the essence, which solves the best and faster all the problems, respond almost instantly to all the questions. Is irreplaceable!

The second point we want to emphasize, that improvements are made possible by the intervention of CACD. This is not a facelift discount has been achieved. Etam Lingerie has doubled its productivity by optimizing workspaces and circulation, made possible by the intervention of experts CACD. In addition, the replacement of neon lights with LED systems dedicated decreased by 30% the annual electricity consumption for lighting, and significantly reduces the necessary interventions on the system. Communication with teams, managing change, training in the use of new facilities, including a technical level, was done without paper for a truly ecological approach to training.

This project quite exceptional made the greatest customer satisfaction and in record time, is proof that one can combine speed, efficiency and environmental responsibility. This is the hallmark of CACD.