Christophe_M01 Christophe Marchesseau, sales manager, is at the heart of the customer relationship. He bears witness to a mindset dedicated to listening to and supporting clients, their project, their views and their support over the long term.

We are fortunate to be a team both young and motivated, competent and with a very good mutual understanding. It gives us great freedom and great adaptability in talent management. We are able to ensure that each of our employees can give the best of himself. For us it is of paramount importance.
We spend a lot more time than others with our customers. And those who realize know whom they work for.

If everyone is capable of initiative and autonomy, no one is left alone. There is no isolation in our management. The success of our customers and of our organization comes before personal interest. We are very supportive of us, allowing us to easily absorb the workload.

Flexibility and efficiency

Our missions last on average 2 years. This is what it takes to manage successful transfers for large companies. This means that during all this time, we must maintain the relationship and communication with the clients. We are very careful not to leave them without any news, we ensure to always be linked to and always understand their desires, projects and developments. We are thus able to maintain contact throughout the long term and at the same time to react quickly to problems, changes and developments.

The mixture we bring between flexibility and efficiency is extremely powerful. Our customers come back to us when they have other projects. Experience has shown them that they can trust us. Not only in terms of efficiency and technology, but also in listening to and respect for their project.

Adapted teams

With us, everything is done so that the client, for example a work environment director, succeeds his transfer or implantation project. He is the most knowledgeable about his business, he sees it living every day. We rely primarily on his expertise, we serve his project. This is only possible because we organize for him, adapting our teams to the needs … and not vice versa.

Listening and customer service

At CACD, each customer has a single point of contact. A head of mission who will stay from the beginning to the end at his service and listening to him. This greatly simplifies the project approach, and allows a perfect knowledge of our interlocutor. We are also thanks to that able to respond very quickly if needed. Those who have lived other formulas relate experiences sometimes marred by too many contacts, and losses of information. It happens that too large consulting structure generates such burdens internally which are to the detriment of the customer.