Publicité_Ageas Ageas France, the French subsidiary of a major player in the market for financial savings products, manages and has a fleet of buildings intended for commercial real estate in the Paris region whose capital and revenue involved funds necessary for its financial activity operator.

 Ageas has recently appealed to CACD for innovative supportive role in optimizing its real estate, which goes through three distinct phases.

– The first phase consists of a comprehensive audit of real estate that defines all the work to be carried out more or less long term, incorporating a level of criticality [Mandatory / short term / long term) on the work to achieve.

– The second phase, based on the results of the first phase covers the constitution with the client a multiannual scheme of work to be done, with monitoring by the CACD teams’ stakeholder providers on site.

– The third phase completes the first two providing, through a benchmark rental prices, elements proposal for the strategic plan that allows Ageas France choose the best options for optimizing its fleet: continuity or late leases, work assignments…

Through this activity, CACD is fully in what constitutes the heart of business: helping clients to fully exploit their real estate, but with the peculiarity to achieve this goal by making him get through the expertise of CACD teams, a 360 ° view on the frame, the market prices and operating costs.