Photo_Julien_Chiche_straight Julien Chiche, in charge of CACD’s operations is at the heart of the action on the field. For him, the wealth brought by the company to its customers is first in a very wide range of and proven skills. A complete picture of the challenges of mobility which guarantees not to forget anything, and to carry out ambitious projects. I It is impossible to summarize in a few lines the range of our skills (see skills section). From audit to project management assistance, we have in-house resources to master the most diverse aspects of mobility, and effective and humane management of workspaces. Through our experience (see some examples), , first, but also by a permanent state of alert, we are at the forefront of knowledge in terms of developments, materials, furniture, colorimetry applied to workspaces, brightness, or else optimization of databases and the use of Autocad as a management tool. Not to mention a deep knowledge of standards and safety regulations, and legislation in general, which is a real safeguard for our customers.
Continuous monitoring We do not implement these skills blindly and systematically: we listen first and constantly to the project, ideas, requirements and desires of our client and his hierarchy, and also those of the end users.

We do not want to look like some consultancies that will impose you a team and their own desires, as specialists who “know” and “will show you” what they can do. Generally, they start the relationship by saying “we know, we have already done that.” You can be sure that you do not exist as such in their eyes. A dedicated team For us, you are unique. And because you are unique, your project is too, even if it has similarities with some projects we have undertaken. That’s why we put a special team at your service, not according to our internal needs, but depending on your needs. It is important, I repeat, that we dedicate those we consider the most experienced and better equipped to respond effectively to your needs! And we do this, whatever the size of your project: whether you entrust it to us in whole or in part does not change our involvement.
We are also able to extend the efficiency beyond the transfer, by an in situ formation for example, and updating and upgrading your databases, for a more efficient management of spaces.
To call to us is to ensure the collaboration of a highly competent and committed team, at the service of your project.

An internal management of teams per project, a guarantee of efficiency to serve the customer Our effectiveness is multiplied by how we work internally. We take into account the experience of each and everyone. Even the personal experience.
We constantly share what we live. We place on each mission the most competent people to achieve it. The choice of men is not done according to fixed teams, work habits, or other internal rule commonly found in too large consulting firms … With us it is first the qualifications for a specific mission which determine the collaborations and building of the teams. This is facilitated by the fact that we really encourage sharing, exchange, and collaboration. There is no rigidity or worse, internal competition..